All components that are applied during the processing of the coils are subject to a high load and a high tear and wear at the same time. An old system must be written off only when we decide that. Next to the development and the construction of high-quality new machines, we offer high-performance repair / service. With this offer we convert old and inefficient systems and machines in to state-of-the-art technology again. The life span, service life and operational capability of the old coiler, coil turner, strip coating lines or dividing tools is increased with fresh and adjusted components. During the modernisation and upgrade of old machines, mostly we achieve an increase of their initial precision.

Next to the modernisation the adjustments are included in our program of performance increase. We can automate manual systems, speed up movements and improve the general process safety. An exchange of ailing and outdated components can never be totally prevented. However, during the upgrading of outdated machines, we limit ourselves to the meaningful and necessary. Thereby we have always the latest technologies available. Instead of scrapping of a conveyor system, we offer a reconstruction according to the client’s wish. Thereby we consider the latest technical feasibility at all times. With efficiency and performance increasing production lines new sales and higher profits are possible.

Give us a call, or send us an E-Mail if you want to upgrade your machines to current requirements.