Broad coils are converted fast and efficiently in to long narrow strip with our traverse winder systems. Therefore, the coil is unwrapped and divided as required. After the setting of the cutting widths, the strip is decoiled, divided and recoiled. After the coil is decoiled and divided the end of the coil is welded with the new beginning of the coil. Thus, after system configuration respective material coils are formed according to the specification. Length and width of the individual wire lengths can be set as desired. The system is mainly automated and a minimum of staff for the setting-up and monitoring is required only. In order to realize cost savings it is possible for the investor to take over existing cutters. Our traverse winder as desired can combine perhaps needed system parts like strip cleaning or coating.
Further processing systems like e.g. punching are coupleable with the traverse winders, as well. Especially the timing of the process steps can be adjusted to existing systems as desired. Thereby a high production can be achieved with this system. This means a high gain of efficiency and profitability for our clients. Extensive processes in a coupleable working step mean higher and faster outputs of finished end products. The readily divided, welded and processed strip can be wrapped on sleeves, decoiler mandrels or cardboard cores.
By an intelligent combination of traverse winder, coating, post-processing and wrapping the highest effects of quality and speed can be achieved.

Coils from the rolling mill are unbeatable in the price per kilo. They have only one disadvantage: not every client needs the complete coil, or can implement it in his production processes at all. A packing of smaller sizes is a win-win situation for the producer and the buyer. By smaller coils, the producer can expand his offer and serve client requirements more specifically. The additional cost for the smaller packaging sizes and for the wrapping can be added to the purchasing price. The smaller coils are easier to be transported. Fresh from the rolling mill coils weigh up to 55 tons. They can hardly be transported by road. However, small coils can be so easily packed that they can be transported to the client on a 7.5 t pick-up truck. Be it for the end-client or for the semi-material trade – with prefabricated small coils very new ways in the flexible handling of material can be explored. Our wrapping systems do this work exactly to the kilogram. By a combination of wrapping systems and coil packaging also packages for the wholesale industry can be prefabricated. The therefore required handling systems are included in our program for small coils. Our components are always construed at the highest precision, best results and maximum efficiency. The packaging used by us is environmentally disposable without problem and does not compromise with regard to robustness.

Cut-to-length lines

Our cut-to-length lines set new standards in the efficiency and the profitability of coil dividing systems. Various, freely configurable strips are cut on our cut-to-length lines at the same time. This saves time and money.
However, not only the width of the strip can be freely selected. We tailor our cut-to-length lines according to the requirements of the client. Speed of the system, machine models and the extent of automation are variable parameters that we know to set for each individual client.

The efficiency of our cut-to-length lines can be further increased by a high automation. Optionally the automation of the following components is available:

Coil input by height and middle centering
Tool and blade changing
Loop regulation
Tail threading
Coil strapping

Thereby the maximum efficiency and profitability is always guaranteed. Thereby our focus is the productivity of our clients: surface requirement, strip thickness range, strip width and coil weight are matched to the individual requirements for the production at our client’s site. Our cut-to-length lines achieve high production performance and material throughputs by minimum set-up time and maximum strip speeds.

We do not leave our clients alone after the purchase. With a comprehensive maintenance and consultation service, we are available to the clients as a strong partner, even after the installation of a cut-to-length line. This includes a lasting spare parts service: cut-to-length lines are heavy-duty machines that require specific needs with regard to maintenance.
Our maintenance and spare parts service is available so that the production is never disturbed longer than needed.

Instead of cutting the coil in stripes, the coil strip is cut in sheets by cross cutting lines. These lines are used for processing coils in to primary products that may then be further refined to end products.
In addition to a cross cutting line we offer solutions for stacking and packaging of the sheets. These can also be combined in to packages. Despites a high coil and cutting speed we pay attention to high quality during the development and setting-up of our cross cutting lines.
Strips stay always free of scratches and dents on our systems. The cut sheets are carefully removed from the system and very carefully stacked as well. Thus, also demanding materials with high optical requirements can be produced on our cross cutting systems. The production speed of our cross cutting systems can be set. Like that, the client can adjust the coil speed according to material, sheet metal thickness and other requirements.

Our cross cutting lines guarantee the highest technical feasible planning of the sheets. Middle and edge waves are effectively removed. The maximum precision of the diameters in straightness of the cut and angularity of the corners are achieved with our cross cutting lines. The cut itself is performed with a minimal feathering. Then, in most cases planning and beveling of the edges is not necessary anymore. After all, our cross cutting lines are construed of components of the highest standard as well, guaranteeing long service lifes from our side.